Food education

Food education

The ambition of the WFC Experience is to encourage visitors to apply what they have seen and learned at the Experience in their everyday lives, which dovetails well with national food education ambitions.

A number of parties, including the national government, WUR and Voedingscentrum, have formulated a joint ambition on how the WFC Experience can become a national hub for food education.

The Netherlands is fortunate to have a broad ranging food education programme, both inside and outside of the classroom, at all levels and for adults as well. This means that food education at the WFC needs to complement what is already available.

The unique feature of the WFC is its uniquely central location, where sensory and educational experience, science, business and consumers can come together. That way, the WFC Experience offers an informal yet structured educational experience.


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Choose for a healthy and happy lifestyle and come and live at World Food Center!


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The ideal location for innovative businesses in the agrifood industry.


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A unique themed attraction to engage people in our everyday food.


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