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Work, experience or live in a unique place in Foodvalley

A unique place

In the Food Valley region in Ede, close to Wageningen University & Research, the former Maurits Zuid barracks site is being transformed into the ultimate food meeting place in the Netherlands – the World Food Center (WFC). A place where food companies and organizations establish themselves, where people live, work and come home and where visitors can learn everything about our food in a playful way.

The silicon valley of food

This place is a magnet for companies, knowledge centers, education, governments and consumers.

Natural(y) inclusive building


The World Food Center is growing into a new bustling district of Ede. A beautiful place where you can live relaxed.

  • Close to station
  • At the edge of the forest
  • Apartments and land-bound
  • A unique place
Need a break? Step right in to nature!


Where business activity and food innovation converge. This creates a specialized Food Innovation District.

  • For companies in the food sector
  • Rent or Buy
  • Close to partners & competition
  • Special space for Startups

The future reception at the Experience


In 2023 the World Food Center Experience will open. Here people experience the world that is hidden behind our daily food.

  • Experience will be completed in 2023
  • Experience food in a unique way
  • 300,000 visiters per year
  • Unique in the Netherlands

Experience the benefits

Here everything comes together in a quiet environment, car-free, knowledge, close to public transport.

An area where people live, work, consume and produce. The World Food Center will become a true magnet for companies, knowledge institutions, students, governments and consumers. A hybrid breeding ground where innovation, research and education are central.


The World Food Center is located in Ede, at the heart of the Food Valley region, also known as the Silicon Valley of food. It is just a stone’s throw from Wageningen University & Research and surrounded by dozens of innovative food businesses.

  • Next to Ede-Wageningen station
  • Close to the A12 and A30
  • 30 minutes drive to Utrecht
  • 90 minutes drive to Düsseldorf

Our plans

Living & working in a prime economic location

Do you want to live in a unique place? Or do you want to establish a food company close to partners and competitors? In this economic prime location, modern business premises and apartments will be realized in the coming years, where all the deep-rooted expertise and knowledge of the food industry will come together.

  • Optimal accessibility in beautiful surroundings
  • The meeting place for food innovation
  • Right in the middle of Silicon Valley of the food sector
  • Working close to competitors and partners
  • Space for startups and events
Living & working in a prime location

Unique living, working & experience

Everything comes together here: a quiet environment, car-free, knowledge, activity, close to public transport

1. living

What a unique place this is. Where you look is green, forest and heath. In the future, the characteristic barracks will be joined by sustainable new-build homes and trendy workspaces. An area close to a train station, the center of Ede and employers in the food industry.

It’s an inspiring place where people can work, experience and live in relaxed surroundings.

2. work

An environment that invites you to work outside

Our offer is wide. Everything is possible! Buy or rent office spaces or office buildings. Both multi-tenant buildings and single-tenant buildings. Or establish yourself as a startup. Close to partners and competitors in the food industry. Close to public transport.

Establish your business

Purchase or rent, short-term or long-term From office space to laboratory, from workplace to startup: it all comes together at the World Food Center.


Are you a start-up looking to grow your business in the healthiest way possible? In total, more than 3,400 m2 of office and experiment space is available.

Did you know that the World Food Center is ideal for events and conferences?

3. experience

In 2023, the World Food Center Experience will open its doors on the WFC site. This themed attraction about food takes the visitor on a personal adventure. Here people experience the world that is hidden behind our daily food.

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    “It is especially ideal for start-ups that cannot afford to conclude long leases that affordable business space can be purchased here under flexible conditions”

    Ernst Breel – Rival Foods


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