Living at the World Food Center in Ede

Living on the World Food Center site

The World Food Center is evolving to become a vibrant district of Ede. A location that is all about food, where the green of the Veluwe is quite literally spilling into the town and where the rich military history retains a prominent place. An inspiring location where you can live, work and experience in relaxed surroundings.

For a century, this stunning location on the periphery of the Veluwe was closed to the public. In 2020, the gates to the former Maurits Zuid barracks were permanently opened and the site drew in residents, innovative food companies, food lovers and hikers.

Living is an important component of the WFC site. Thanks to the hybrid approach to living, working and experience, the area is always lively and there is always something to do. Become part of the World Food Center as well!


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