A unique working environment

The World Food Center offers talent a fantastic environment in which to grow. Who wouldn’t want to work in such an inspiring location? The vast nature of the Veluwe in the back garden and the former barracks as a reminder of the area’s rich history. Everything is set up to offer new generations an attractive and vibrant working environment. The green surroundings are embraced by the architecture and woven into the public space. Inside and outside flow in to one another as much as possible.

Businesses at WFC

The number of businesses established at the World Food Center continues to grow. See which businesses have already arrived at the Netherlands’ ultimate food meeting place.

Business opportunities

Whether you want to rent or purchase your own office building or are looking to connect with like-minded people in a dynamic, shared space, virtually anything can be accomplished at the World Food Center site.

A pool of talent

Talent is hard to come by in our tight labour market. Attracting and retaining talented employees will be one of the most significant challenges facing businesses in years to come.

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Establish your business at the World Food Center

Interested in setting up your business at the heart of food innovation? See the options.

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Ede and its surroundings

Ede is famed for its nature areas and countless options for active enjoyment. See here what Ede has to offer.

The Sillicon Valley of food

The World Food Center is located in Ede, at the heart of the Food Valley region, also known as the Sillicon Valley of food. It is just a stone’s throw from Wageningen University & Research and surrounded by dozens of innovative food businesses.


The local Ede-Wageningen intercity railway station is next door. The journey to Utrecht as a changeover for Schiphol Airport takes just 26 minutes. The A12 and A30 are also nearby. Düsseldorf is no more than 90 minutes away.

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