Personalized Nutrition & Health Conference

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Date(s) - 07/10/2021
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Op 7 oktober organiseert de Wageningen University & Research de Personalized Nutrition & Health Conference.

The second European Conference Personalised Nutrition and Health brings together science, health and business to discuss the latest developments, innovations and possible next steps in the nutrition, health and food world. After the reflection of 2019 on the results of researching technology and knowledge, in a consortium where science (TNO-WUR) and a variety of companies worked closely together, we now look what is beyond these results.

Where are we going, in making the knowledge as applicable for scaling up as possible? How can we translate the findings so far, into our own daily work in the world of food, nutrition & health? How can citizens benefit from new possibilities.

Consumer interest in nutritional self-optimisation continues to grow and new insights are increasing. As a result, global players and start-ups are developing new ways to implement personalised nutrition into our daily lives. You will be inspired by businesses that already have brought some of the knowledge into practise.

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